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Candace Lambert - Owner & Founder of C&R Interior


Candace has spent the last 16 years assisting clients transform their homes all over the Austin area. She has made a name for herself in the design industry and her reputation proves it. Candace has vast experience in different styles and a proven ability to identify her clients needs even when they aren't sure what that may be. 

As a Texas native she was born and raised in the DFW area and has spent the last 19 years making Austin her home.  

She has retained many of the same clients for the past 16 years who continue to seek her help as they transition into new homes over the years. A client has gone as far as to refer her to more than two dozen friends and family members, a testament to her character and work ethics.


Candace's working relationship varies form client to client. Sometimes as a design consultant, occasionally a color consultant, other times the client simply handing her the keys and a budget and leaves her to work her magic.  


Over the past several years she has specialized in renovation and remodeling homes all across the Austin area. Through her list of trusted contractors she prides herself on over delivering, staying within budget, and completing the job in a reasonable time frame. 

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